Y2BIZ is a Business to Youth mentoring scheme adapted from the “Dale Williams” Otorohanga Model


Upon hearing Ed Pollard’s vision for the Otorohanga model, we the Vector Group Panel, decided, as a community and youth led trust, that this would become one of our initiatives in Te Puke and surrounding regions.

Y2BIZ is a Business to Youth mentoring scheme adapted from the “Dale Williams” Otorohanga Model.


Community Connection – creating opportunity to varied groups, ethnicity, age, background, worldview, and skills to come together as a community. Building rapport, value of each other, relationships, honour, and a sense of community pride.

Youth into Work – listing of all businesses that are keen to mentor, train, up-skill youth into viable jobs.

Up-skilling – to make available to youth- programs, information and opportunities to up-skill.

Voluntary positions – connect youth with voluntary roles. Community organisations will be approached with the aim to give youth opportunity to give back to their community. A certification, work experience and references will aid youth in adding value to their CV and gain valuable skills that are transferable.

Driver Licensing – Aid youth in attaining driver licensing. Approach elderly community regarding youth driver experience. Approach local businesses to train youth with forklift, truck licensing.

Mentoring – Source mentors, both business and youth peer to peer. Post High School contact, connection, encouragement, advice, help, walking alongside. Mediate business and youth relationships.

CV value adding – Measurable: Linear styled business survey evaluations. Linear styled youth survey evaluations of business they were and are employed at. Identify progress, needs, issues. Appropriate ethical data collation and systems.

Education: Collaborating with Te Puke High School and Alternative Education. Training institutions, trusts and community initiatives. Why re-invent the wheel!



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