Te Puke Dj’ing, Graffiti art, Ceroc, Hip Hop, bboy/bgirl Breaking, Calisthenics

For those interested in events and workshops on Dj’ing, Graffiti art, Ceroc, Hip Hop, bboy/bgirl Breaking, Calisthenics and also open to your suggestions, could you fill out contacts form so we can get in touch with updates. cheers!!

We are aiming to have first event to you in February

For those interested, could you fill out contacts form so we can get in touch with updates. cheers!! https://goo.gl/forms/Kkdko1ZE5WdFcXTB3

Shout out to Te Puke and surrounding areas.

We are in conversations with Donna Cain from Mt Dance Co and Rush Wepiha regarding a dance studio and workshops happening in Te Puke at Vector Group Charitable Trust.

We are putting feelers out there and making the opportunity for expressions of interest in dance forms such as Hip Hop, bboy/bgirl breaking, dj, graffiti art and Calisthenics.

Rush has returned from Oz with a full heart to see you come alive. Both Tracey and I shed a tear or two over both Donna’s and Rush’s unique and heartfelt stories.

We are super pumped to collab with such amazing people.

So watch this space and we will keep you informed on upcoming workshops.

A little on Rush Wepiha

Rush is an established figure in the Hip Hop world with a story that spans over 20 years. From his humble beginnings on the streets of New Zealand learning Breaking fundamentals and Hip Hop culture, Rush has taken his craft to top level as the Australian Bboy Champion Crew five times, an untouched record to date, and now as an internationally respected Breaking judge. As an accredited instructor with the Australasian Calisthenics Organisation (ACO) Rush uses the discipline of calisthenics training as an integral part of his dance methodology and overall holistic approach to health, exercise and performance. As a youth mentor, Rush combines the strength and conditioning that stems from calisthenics with the universal languages of music and dance to encourage youth to embrace a positive lifestyle.

He has designed his ‘BREAKTHRU – Hip Hop 4 Health’ workshops to encompass all the elements of Hip Hop while encouraging the participants to add their own traditional and cultural flavour to the mix.

Rush is a member of three world renowned crews – Fresh Sox (Australia), 7 Dollars (Switzerland) and Mighty Zulu Kingz (New York) and has trained under Bboy pioneers Alien Ness (Bronx), Poe One (Los Angeles), Storm (Germany) & Break Ezy (Brooklyn). Forever a student and keen to spread his knowledge, Rush has a fresh, unique and intimate teaching style that passes on to his students not only his knowledge but also his love for the dance and Hip Hop culture.


  • Choreographer ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Season 1
  • Sydney Opera House multiple performances
  • Resident Instructor at Urban Dance Centre Sydney
  • Judge at International Breaking competitions including World Dance Games China, BC One Australia, Circle Kingz Switzerland, and Radikal Forze Jam Singapore

Rush has also worked with RedBull BC-ONE, as a member of the production team for this internationally recognised Breaking event, working in Johannesburg and Paris.


  • Raw 2 The Floor 2013(Singapore)
  • 5 Time Australian Bboy champ winners(Only crew in Australia to achieve that)
  • Battle State Sydney 2006
  • Battle State Canberra 2006
  • Battle State Adelaide 2006
  • Break the Habit NZ 2006
  • Floorskillz Singapore 2006(Singapore Nationals)
  • X-Air Games NZ 2005
  • Bodyrock NZ 2004
  • X-Air Games NZ 2003
  • Planet X 2002




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