Creativity allows others to do things even if you disagree with them

I recently read an article on CNBC on “Why Mark Zuckerberg lets Facebook workers do things he disagrees with”. And to be honest, love Zuckerberg’s approach on engineering freedom. 
“I actually think the most important thing is what decisions and what processes on a day-to-day basis you choose to let people have the freedom to do and just not get involved with,” he said. 
Although being CEO grants Zuckerberg the ability to call all the shots, “the real art” to Facebook’s success is allowing people to execute ideas he might not agree with.
Having “someone who is a superstar, who is going to make great decisions” is not as challenging as “deciding to let people do things that you disagree with,” Zuckerberg said, because, ultimately, this benefits the company.

“It’s just going to free up more creativity and people will feel like there’s more potential to try different things in the future that may be better if you let them go do those things, even if you disagree with them,” Zuckerberg said.

I know it is challenging, but try allow your team members a little room for expression and doing things the way you think might be wrong.

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