Waitangi Day 2018 Te Puke
Waitangi Day 2018 Te Puke

Whilst Te Puke was sleeping last night and into the early hours of this morning, I was up with youth till about 4am. We at Vector Group were some of the first to experience Waitangi Day 2018.

Some gamed on pcs, then shifted to a lot of pool and table tennis rivalry. We talked about a wide variety of subjects including their epic built pcs (yes I am jealous), “how big the venue was”, a new business one has started and his future opportunities, tax and corporate foundations, setting up non profits, bitcoin, blockchain, hacking, website security and the discussions of people we think are awesome.

What I loved? the positivity, no one was talked about negatively, laughter, freedom, getting smashed at table tennis and listening to the plans that young adults have of taking the world by storm.
So, sorry I am a little slow today! haha
Happy Waitangi Day to the rest of Kiwi land.
Btw..my table tennis skills improved