Whilst we encourage digital enablement and Powering On, Vector Group has effectively implement our Powering-Off initiative.

One mentioned that we “need to get rid of pool table and table tennis tables” I said why? response was “it is annoying as gamers hop off computers and play pool and table tennis instead”. 😉

Digital enablement is great! But so is powering off! I was sitting in my office and you could tell by the excitement, noise and food smells that gamers were beginning to roll in to Vector Group Charitable Trust’s community venue.

The group has grown exponentially from last week and we see this as a positive. Some played pool, some on the table tennis tables, some were showing off their expertise on guitar hero – wow!, others gamed and research pc parts on their computers, while others like me were busy scoffing food.lan and gaming night in te puke

We are in the process of setting up an official LAN PARTY tournament which we will host in Te Puke and Districts and will let you know how that progresses. So watch this space. Currently the Lan and Gaming nights are by invite-word of mouth only and entry requires you to bring a laptop or computer. It is a safe place to hang out and enjoy the night.

What I loved about last night! “talking with two about old school cars, a Ford Cortina one has for sale and general car talk”.

Whilst we encourage digital enablement and Powering On we have effectively implement our Powering-Off initiative. What does this mean? We encourage belonging and inclusion whilst facilitating a spirit of healthy competitiveness in online gaming, digital enablement and expertise. lan and gaming night in te pukeAdditionally, we  encouraging off screen activities like pool, board games, and table tennis, building computers, and discussion.

We see this as a healthy synthesis in our digital age. Vector Group Charitable Trust encourages a healthy balance with projects and is strategic with initiatives that achieve more than one outcome simultaneously. VGCT strives to be unique in their approach and engagement with community and youth.



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