Kiribati Catholic Community welcomed into Vector Group Charitable trust’s community venue.

We opened our doors to the Kiribati Catholic Community today. A large Church family arrived in droves. Lots of laughs, singing, prayer, discussion and a communal meal.

 Our children loved this venue because of all setup you have here. The kids were not as bored as they would of been at other venues and it was great for us parents.
(A comment made by a parent.)

Kids hung out and was encouraging to see their faces light up with expressions of awe as they entered the community venue on Oxford street.

It was also great to see some of the youth whom I identified from Te Puke High School involvement and look forward to more interactions with the Kiribati teens. Appreciate the hospitality they showed me and was a reminder of my upbringing in the tropics.

Kiribati Catholic Community - Vector Group Charitable Trust - Te Puke -Community centre is growing
Kiribati Catholic Community

Vector Group Charitable Trust community centre in Te Puke is growing. The song harmony with the Pacific peoples is truly amazing. Many memories flooded back from my early years in Papua New Guinea. The song, the food, the community gatherings, all things I miss very much, and yet, here it is in Te Puke.


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