Emotional Reaction to Disbelief, Vision and Things That Could Go Wrong

When I consider our youth and community project here in Te Puke and reflect on the impossibilities, some days I am just bewildered by what could go wrong. Most days I struggle with the hugeness of our vision, lack of personal finances and the comments I get from some that what we envision is an absolute waste of time. It is very encouraging when someone pulls alongside me and believes in me for what I am doing currently or working towards, instead of what I must not do, what I must change, or what I must do.

Regardless of what others may say of Vector Group Charitable Trust​ and the impossibilities we have undertaken, we must take an account of our own nuanced emotions of disbelief, hope and faith. No matter what the situation might look like, the resolve is to keep going.

This month we have a huge wall to cross. Due to the nature and timing of our trust move, Dec and Jan have been impossible months to secure sponsorship due to end of year holiday season, holiday paye and businesses stretched to the limits. We have funding applications in but if they come in, they are after the fact, as our rent is due prior. In a situation like this I can totally identify with comments made by Elon Musk. Obviously his epic venture is in no way a comparison to what we face, but the principle still applies. Vision is always a stretch to get into a tangible reality.

It is people like Elon musk, people with absolute transparency, humility and admission (as seen in this interview), that truly inspire me to push the envelope whether failure (or something going wrong) is imminent on the horizon.

Truly emotional and inspirational.

Especially love these quotes:
“crazy things come true”
“I didn’t really think this could work”
“When I see a thousand things that could not work and it is amazing when they do”

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk discusses the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket saying “crazy things can come true,” when he was asked about what he learned.



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