T e Puke is a region of longstanding growth and goodness. Part of Te Puke’s story includes Vector Group Charitable Trust “Your Sense of Place”. We are a youth and community led trust that engages creatively with youth, business, non-profits, events and projects. Here at VGCT, we Envision Sustainable Communities Creatively.We are located at 16 Oxford Street in Te Puke, a large premises we envision to be a thriving youth, social, community, tourism, shared co-working space and very unique events centre. It is also the hub of Te Puke Film, Mediastream, Red5Host, TEPUKEMAG and the official Te Puke Directory.

E veryone in our community that has a passion and creative flare for film is welcome to join us on the adventure. Te Puke Film was launched in 2017 and is a multi faceted initiative to engage youth and community members with film creation, acting, tourism and business showreels. Our Te Puke Film website is currently under construction but you can follow us on Facebook by clicking this link. https://www.facebook.com/tepukefilm/ Te Puke Film is all about us engaging as a club, that, creates learning opportunities, as well as, undertakes commercial projects.

P ossibilities are endless in our district and we saw an opportunity to grow with our town. TEPUKEMAG was launched in November of 2017 as an initiative to envision and create a local magazine that engaged with youth, business, non-profits, tourism and events in our area.TEPUKEMAG is part of our multi-faceted strategic and collaborative initiative that ties in with our other media focuses which include marketing, tourism, film, centralised portal and creating a sense of place.

U nderpinning the greater good of Te Puke, VGCT envisioned and created an online-centralised portal for Te Puke and surrounding districts. This initiative was launched early 2017 and will continue to grow to become the central portal in our region. http://www.tepukedirectory.co.nz/ This initiative engages youth with interviewing, data entry, communications and as an income generator for trust operations and future projects.Our aim is to provide monetized information on local attractions, services and products, businesses, and non-profits to community members and visitors. Service the information needs of tourism and non-tourism businesses, and the broader community. Provide information on local public transport, public services and facilities, maps and events. VGCT aims to market individual businesses by providing a basic level of information on local services and activities.

K nowing the story behind Te Puke and surrounding districts is of extreme importance for us as a community led non-profit. VGCT has lent itself strategically in forming relationships and networks that are mutually beneficial. VGCT is currently engaged with Te Puke Economic Development Group and its agenda for Tourism and infrastructure and has put together a statement of intent that aligns with the WBOPDC short and long term plan.We have listened to our communities and youth voices, heard the opportunities and with our skill base endeavor to take on the challenge of becoming part of the Goodness that Te Puke boasts.One of our recent collaborative works was a website build for Te Puke which you can find here https://www.tepukegoodnessgrowshere.co.nz/

E volving is the VGCT story. Last, but not the least of our initiatives…. is about to be revealed. We began in a direction early 2017 and the year of 2018 will see this original idea and activity explode into something that Te Puke, even New Zealand, has not witnessed before.But more on that soon! In the meantime, get behind us with financial support, volunteering and growing Te Puke into something very remarkable. #goodnessgrowshere