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Te Puke, New Zealand
Friday, December 15, 2017

“To be invested and to engage the need of belonging with our youth and community, by collaboration and as a creative collective.” The How?

1. Vector Group Charitable Trust values a creative collective and collaborative community, coming together as a unified front?

2. Vector Group Charitable Trust’s aim is to create room for dialogue, initiate, facilitate and nurture healthy space, thus enabling belonging to thrive?

3. Vector Group Charitable Trust will encourage relational collaboration by integrating youth and nurturing leadership development and skills.

4. Vector Group Charitable Trust is not about re-inventing the wheel and will draw on aspects of existing services where necessary. The What? “We believe that by pursuing relational connections creatively, and by investing in personal engagement and generating inspiring projects, we can impact the Why of Belonging, build community relationship and have fun at the same time.”

Te Puke Directory

The Te Puke Directory is the official, centralised online portal for Te Puke and surrounding districts. The purpose of the directory is to address collaboration, to become a central hub, to become a point of reference for both Te Puke and surrounding district residents as well as visiting tourists.

Te Puke Film

Te Puke Film was launched by Vector Group Charitable Trust to engage youth and community members in creative film projects and media related opportunities.


TEPUKEMAG was launched by Vector Group Charitable Trust to engage youth, business and community members with a local publication that celebrates Te Puke and our surrounding districts.