Vector Group Charitable Trust


48 Hour Film Competition – The Vista Foundation 48Hours is NZ’s largest guerrilla filmmaking competition! There is nothing quite like it.

Food forest tour in Te Puke – Come join us to see what we have been up to

Kiwifruit Celebration event – Sat 31 August in War Memorial Hall. This is a one off event celebrating 65 years since the naming of Kiwifruit In NZ.

Spring Clean – Friday 20 September. This is a small event designed to Clean up Te Puke with groups collecting rubbish and ending up receiving Pizza at the Daily

Treat Trail – Halloween 31 October

Float Parade

Easter 2025 Sat 19 April. Exact event TBC

Vector Group's Local Collaboration and Projects

Kiwifruit Celebration event
Kiwifruit 60th Naming Anniversary Celebration 2019
Kiwifruit 65th Anniversary Celebration 2024 = UPCOMING

Matariki events
Te Kete Matariki – Te Puke 2022
Te Kete Matariki – Te Puke 2023
Te Kete Matariki – Te Puke 2024

Treat Trail events
Treat Trail Parade 2017
Treat Trail Parade 2018
Treat Trail Parade 2019
Treat Trail Parade 2020
Treat Trail Parade 2021
Treat Trail Parade 2022
Treat Trail Parade 2023
Spooky movies film competition 2023
Treat Trail Parade 2024 –  UPCOMING

Christmas events
Christmas Float Parade 2017
Christmas Float Parade 2018
Christmas Float Parade 2019
Christmas Float Parade 2020
Christmas Float Parade 2021
Christmas Float Parade 2022
Christmas Float Parade 2023
Christmas Float Parade 2024 – UPCOMING

Christmas in the Park
Te Puke Christmas in the Park 2014
Te Puke Christmas in the Park 2015
Te Puke Christmas in the Park 2016
Te Puke Christmas in the Park 2017
Te Puke Christmas in the Park 2018
Te Puke Christmas in the Park 2019
Te Puke Christmas in the Park 2020
Te Puke Christmas in the Park 2021
Te Puke Christmas in the Park 2022
Te Puke Christmas in the Park 2023
Te Puke Christmas in the Park 2024 – UPCOMING

Easter events
Easter trail 2021
Easter trail 2022
Easter trail 2023
EPIC Egg-Stravaganza – Easter Sculpture Trail & Fair 2024 – UPCOMING

Spring Clean events
Te Puke Spring Clean and Pizza Party 2020
Te Puke Spring Clean and Pizza Party 2021
Te Puke Spring Clean and Pizza Party 2022
Te Puke Spring Clean and Pizza Party 2023
Te Puke Spring Clean and Pizza Party 2024 – UPCOMING

48 Hour Film Competition
48 Hour Film Competition 2017
48 Hour Film Competition 2018
48 Hour Film Competition 2019
48 Hour Film Competition 2020
48 Hour Film Competition 2021
48 Hour Film Competition 2022
48 Hour Film Competition 2023

Kai Resilience
116 tonnes of product
238 Raised beds kiwi bins installed in community
Setup Nursery in Te Puke
Setup website Troppo for Plant and tropical plant grower communities
Tauranga Food Forest Group
Tropical Food Growers, Syntropic Agroforestry & Food Forests Bay of Plenty
Kai resilience workshops and training, volunteerism
Food forest tours
Syntropic agroforestry workshops

Te Puke Business Excellence Awards


Te Puke High School

Setup Vector Group Charitable Trust, branding, vision, strategy.
Established as Police Vetting Agency
Established our Inclusion policy that is accessible online.
Established free Wi-Fi for youth at The Loft, study, tables, resources.
Deployed scalable CRM for Te Puke Community, VGCT long term vision
Completed feasibility surveys and compiled statistics and conversations
VGCT Intellectual Property established under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 New Zealand
Loaned Film Gear to Anton Steel for the Z-Nail Gang Community Feature Film
Training for NiVans how to use computers for Kylie from Fruit of the Pacific
Volunteer support packing container destined for Vanuatu
Design of Christmas in the Park Banners for Te Puke
Design of Easter in the Park Banners for Te Puke
Branding for Papamoa Baptist Church
Chinese church use of the The Loft every Saturday night
Launched Vector Group Charitable Trust website
Volunteer Support – Easter Camp
Volunteer Support – Alternative Education, Teacher Aid
Volunteer Support – Alternative Education moving School premises
Volunteer Support – Te Puke High School – Chaplaincy,
Volunteer Support – Lifewalk Chaplaincy in Schools
Volunteer Support – Quiz Fundraiser
Volunteer Support – Market Day
Volunteer Support – Lions Club Book Fair pack down
Volunteer Support – Putting flags up through Te Puke with Grant Dally
Volunteer Support – working in kitchen for the DAILY alongside Rebecca prior to launch.
Successfully got a mobile app blocked for Schools in Te Puke (bullying)
Digital Empowering Workshop TGA Gallery
Coke Pop-Up Party – The Loft Launch
After School Social Table Tennis at The Loft
Volunteer Support – CACTUS TPHS, 3 years, 16 weeks a year, 3 mornings a week
First Aid Course Training
Took youth to the Film Commission, Fresh Shorts Roadshow at the Digital Basement in Rotorua
Te Puke Skate Park Competition
Te Puke High School Pop-Up Ball Shop -Clothing, Jewellery and Shoes
Te Puke High School Pop-Up Ball Beauty Day – hair, makeup, nails, food
Te Puke High School Ball Photography
Pizza and Politics Q&A with Todd McClay at The Loft
BOP Film Networking Night in Tauranga
Te Puke Film Launch with Anton Steel from BOP FILM presenting
#HP48HOURS Network Meeting at BOP Film in Tauranga
#HP48HOURS Film Weekend
Te Puke Directory goes live.
#HP48HOURS City Finals and Presentations of awards
#HP48HOURS Best Cinematography BOP
#HP48HOURS Runner-Up City Award BOP
Volunteer Support at Tony’s Cafe and Kebabs
Private birthday functions for youth at The Loft
Lifewalk Chaplaincy in School BOP Supervision at The Loft
Te Puke Baptist Church Youth senior leaders debrief at The Loft
Pio’s Parenting Show organising committee use of The Loft

The Daily Cafe Strategic Planning meetings with Exult held in The Loft
The Daily Cafe used The Loft for private staff meeting.
Build and Deploy Tony’s Cafe and Kebabs a website and hosted for free.
Build and Deploy Mark R. Boyle a website to his liking
Re-Development of the Te Puke Goodness Grows Here website
Loaned film gear to Te Puke High School students to complete a film project {worth ten credits}
Launched TEPUKEMAG, a local magazine that celebrates our journey together Launched Te Puke Film Website
Building a new online loan library and website for the Te Puke Toy Library
Building a new website for Te Puke Rotary
Developed and deployed a health and safety auditing and forms system for BMINZ and SAFERTEAM
Developed and deployed a Facebook data scraper for business and non-profits in Te Puke
Supplied a room to BMINZ to setup as a PTE in Te Puke
Volunteer support for EPIC’s Halloween Event
Winner of the VOM short film competition
Volunteer support for TV Show, How Did You Do That
Winner of the Laidlaw College film competition
Photography booked for EPIC’s Christmas Parade
Photography sessions with youth- upskilling, experience, cv building
Free rent, utilities to the Te Puke Community Hub – Police Volunteers
Sourced- The Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence from Romania to send to NZ academic Institutions
Published a paper on Numbers 25 critiquing Sacred Violence and Scapegoating
Supplied sound gear to Plunket for their official opening, also filmed and did photography free of charge
Begun working with WBOPDC on stage 2 of the skate park
Establishing a youth and community led op-shop as a social enterprise
Photo shoot with local legend Emma who is fighting in the upcoming Iron Shin Event
Volunteer support to the Te Ara Kahikatea Society Walkway group
Planned videography and IT support for the upcoming 2017 Environmental Expo
Transferred a Historical Website to new servers and set up dedicated domain for Christine Clement
In conversations with TP EDG and Mark R Boyle around Tourism, Business, collaboration and combined focus.
Optimised Epic website in time for 1 year birthday and offered free IT support where needed.
Volunteer Support – cleaned and stacked shelving upon 123 Dollar shop closing for Poutiri Trust
Photography for SaferTeam Health and Safety packages
Photography of products for HandPicked Herbal Teas in Warkworth
Issued Certificates of Excellence to 13 youth for their amazing effort in the #HP48HOURS
Te Puke Film T-shirts printed
Business and Community show reels project begun
Nominated for 2017 Trustpower community awards
Nominated for 2017 Te Puke Business awards
Gave opportunity for youth to attend the Drama Cinematography workshop with the famous Donny Duncan
Fitted Te Puke Hero- Pearl Solomon with a brand-new dress for an Auckland conference speaking engagement
In Process of setting up the Te Puke Skate Park Club
Volunteer Support for the 2017 Clean Up Week
CACTUS awarded “Stephen and Tracey Fawcett “Trophy to be cycled to deserving CACTUS participants.
Photography – 2017 Hawaiian Luau Casino Night organised by Monique Lints (Toy Library)
Photography for TPHS – requested by a group of students
BOP Film Networking event in Whakatane
Hon Paul Goldsmith (Minister of Science and Innovation) visited the loft (Vector Group Charitable Trust)
Supplied and set up sound gear for Prime Minister John Key
Nominated Te Puke Business Awards 2018
Photography for Te Puke Business Awards 2018
Setup and supported first annual disability conference in Te Puke alongside People First
National Dance Battle Event
Show Reel for National Dance Battle Event
Mowing lawns for those in need
Helped move people in need
Built Auckland Property Values Website
Built and Maintain Te Puke Hall Website
Maintain TP EDG online presence
Built and manage Kansai Sushi website
Built and Manage COLAB website
Built and Manage Te Puke Community Centre website
Built and Manage Social Sector Directory website
Redevelopment of BMINZ Website
Redevelopment of Vector Group Website
Branding Design for COLAB
COLAB Steering Committee
Sound System Supplied for Te Puke Community Expo

Photography for Te Puke Sihk Festival 2019
Kiwifruit Slices Making of Promo Video
Photography and Video for Te Puke Repertory Society
Hosted Sihk Festival
Launched COVID-19 Website
Easter Poster Competition
Raspberry Pi 4 Competition
Launched Kids Corner during COVID lockdown
Health and Safety Video Training Videos for ITM
Health and Safety Video Training Videos for HEB Construction
Setup online COVID response form for COLAB
Suicide support
Transitional housing
Self contained accommodation



Our involvement in the Te Puke District

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