Community Projects and Collaboration

Vector Group opens a Marketplace with CS-Cart to Help Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises During and Post Lockdown.

In cooperation with “CS.Cart

Vector Group a non-profit organization from Te Puke, New Zealand, is starting an online marketplace that will be reliable, easy to use, and what’s most important—consumer-friendly.


  • Create an E-Commerce platform (CS-Cart is the marketplace platform provider) in which each business/organisation would haves an E-store in order to facilitate marketing and selling products/services/fundraising electronically.
  • Create a peer-to-peer platform that promotes the purchase and sale of NEW and second-hand goods.
  • Allow its members to publish their projects on the website themselves and to raise funds by selling merchandise and other online sales activities.
  • To support local entrepreneurs and allow citizens to easily shop for everyday goods in one place.
  • Provide beneficiaries with tools to access new local and regional markets.
  • Linking beneficiaries of the platform with Te Puke Travel in order to magnify impact and visibility online.
  • Encouraging New Zealand Kiwi made products, through E-marketing Strategy and the direct relationship with the costumers.
  • Responding to the social distancing requirements during/after the COVID-19 and influencing the trade culture through introducing new marketing strategies.

Target Groups

  • Beneficiaries (MSMEs owners) Local Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Get Rural Business Online
  • Marketplace for Visual Creative artists and the Film Industry
  • New and Secondhand distributors

Registration for beneficiaries on the platform and training them will be announced after finishing installing all requirements of the platform.


About Vector Group

Vision: A community where diversity is celebrated, and every person feels included. Mission: To create opportunities for healthy connections and self-expression. To support people who work with young people, and thereby enhance youth engagement and development and creatives so that young people thrive.