Building a Better Community Through Diversity & Inclusion


Encouraging and embracing diversity and inclusion is part of our commitment to making Vector Group Charitable Trust an even better, more inspiring place to creatively work together.

We recognise that for our community to thrive and for their creativity to shine, we must offer a culture in which people feel comfortable bringing their whole self to a collaborative foci.

Greater diversity of thought allows us to harness a broader and richer range of ideas, insights and perspectives to better understand and serve the needs of our communities. It is why we are committed to ensuring that over time our youth and community led panel more closely reflects the demographics of New Zealand society – without this we will never achieve our vision of creating a collaboratively diverse and creative future.

Our passion for diversity and inclusion can be seen right throughout our organisation, starting at the center with the support of our Board of Trustees. We are proud of our strong supporting structure, which is driven by our passion to pursue diversity, followed through with our passionate youth community leadership team.

With our people at the heart of our vision, our Diversity & Inclusion Committee is made up of volunteers from across ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds, working together as active ambassadors who champion a range of initiatives.

You can learn more about our approach by taking a look at Vector Group Charitable Trust’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

  • Education for our people – including diversity and inclusion e-learning,  opportunities for employees to participate in the the delivery of unconscious bias training
  • Our aim is to value and welcome sexual and gender diversity
  • Building an inclusive and safe workplace environment
  • Exploring the importance of diversity for strong business importance and  governance – we aim to host a panel debate session involving a number of Te Puke community members
  • Supporting single parents and parents returning to work – through networks, coaching and youth relationship workshops
  • Celebrating culture, religion and showcasing pride – events throughout the year to build cultural awareness and help us to connect with one another


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