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Today, Tracey, Parminda and I rocked up to the Legal Structures for Social Enterprise workshop held by Akina Foundation at VentureCentre Tauranga.
Unfortunately, we are saying goodbye to a lot of youth we have grown to love, some have left already 🙁 some have begun studies and some are yet to leave. Parminder is off to university to study law and goodness knows what else lol. She has two days left here, and seeing she is interested in law, we pm’d her and gave her the option to hang with us today in Tauranga.
We found a park “number 223” which triggered my recollection of 0:23 of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DS-h67qEiY hahhahahahahaha
The thing we love about what we do is getting to hang with youth and being inspired by their vision, creativity (shorts, teamwork), and discussions of futures unlimited.
To those already gone we miss you much xo, to those already writing essays, I so know how that feels and wish you all the best writing abilities, and to those about to embark on your journeys, may you go with our full hearted backing and belief in you. Te Puke youth are awesome!
Before I close, I also ran into a teen from Alternative Education and was so stoked to hear that he is in studies at polytech. Everyone had given up on this kid. I am so stoked that I am valued in his world and get to sit and chat with him and talk life. See, all it takes is stopping what you do in that moment and giving your 100% undivided attention to others.
It didnt matter I was dressed to the nines due to today’s workshop, a street hand shake and sitting down by a takeaway shop is all it takes to connect. When you invest relationally, there are no barriers.
I may have very little in way of income, assets or ego, but what I relish in is the connection we get to grow with youth and seeing them happy, alive and hopeful.
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