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BMINZ – Sponsor

The day we met Giles and team we clicked. BMINZ got right behind us and together we are venturing down a road not often traveled by non-profit and business. Close collaboration with Giles Day and Hayley McIsaac is beginning to flourish and we can only see remarkable things happening in future. BMINZ got behind us with Health and Safety and are gurus when it comes to savvy business mentoring, tagging and testing and strategic brilliance.

We appreciate them more than anything and the Vector Group team is excited to see our futures continue to intertwine. Check them out here http://www.bminz.co.nz/

BMINZ is a training provider who deliver high impact results through practical, hands-on Continuous Improvement programmes. With a unique delivery style and engaging approach, BMINZ are able to provide tailored solutions to implement Continuous Improvement culture change, as well as aligning learning to New Zealand Certificate qualifications.


About Vector Group

Vision: A community where diversity is celebrated, and every person feels included. Mission: To create opportunities for healthy connections and self-expression. To support people who work with young people, and thereby enhance youth engagement and development and creatives so that young people thrive.