Te Puke Goodness Grows Here

Waiāri Water Supply Scheme

Tauranga is growing and we need to provide core infrastructure to cope with the increase in our population.

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Waiari Fact Sheet 1 Oct 17
Waiari FAQs Oct 17

The coastal strip from Mount Maunganui to Papamoa is predicted to be Tauranga’s highest growth area – we’re expecting Papamoa’s population to triple over the next
three decades. Te Puke’s population is also expected to grow steadily.

Tauranga currently has two water treatment plants: one at Oropi and one at Joyce Road. Opened in the 1950s and upgraded in 1997, these plants provide Tauranga with water, but they won’t be able to provide for the growth in population in our coastal communities.
Te Puke and other communities in the surrounding area are currently supplied by groundwater bores. The Waiāri plant will ease pressure on these supplies.


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