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Vector Group Charitable Trust Website is Live!

Vector Group Charitable Trust www.vectorgroup.org.nz is now live!

Heya Te Puke Community, just letting you all know our website is live.
It has been an amazing journey thus far and welcome you all to have a look see and get in touch with us.

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The Why, the How and the What of Vector Group – Envisioning Sustainable Communities Creatively

THE Objects in New Zealand for Which this Trust is Established are:

What’s in the name?

Official Purpose and Structure

Police Vetting

Building a Better Community Through Diversity & Inclusion




About Vector Group

Vision: A community where diversity is celebrated, and every person feels included. Mission: To create opportunities for healthy connections and self-expression. To support people who work with young people, and thereby enhance youth engagement and development and creatives so that young people thrive.