Vector Group

Statement of Intent – VGCT, Annual and Long Term Plan

Statement of Intent – (working document).

Vector Group Charitable Trust – Philanthropic

  • B2Business
  • B2Non-Profit
  • B2Youth
  • Alignment to the Western Bay of Plenty Short and Long Term Plan.


Belonging, inclusion, relationship, diversity, celebration.
[Recreation, Support, Economic, Environmental, Social Enterprise, Creativity, Tourism]

What’s in the name

The Why, the How and the What of Vector Group – Envisioning Sustainable Communities Creatively

Trust Objects

Official Purpose and Structure

VGCT CC Licensing – IP (Intellectual Property)

Building a Better Community Through Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Police Vetting

 Short Term Plan – (carries over to LT Plan).


  • Te Puke Film
  • Te Puke Directory
  • Te Puke Table Tennis Club
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Youth and community creatives centre 16 Oxford Street, Te Puke
  • Pop-Up Ball Shop
  • Te Puke Web Design and Hosting
  • Pizza and Politics
  • Feasibility, surveys, three years of conversations

In process/planning

  • Te Puke Skate Club
  • Te Puke Skate Park extension
  • Te Puke Community Ball
  • Te Puke Women’s Event
  • Te Puke Chess Club
  • Library of Things
  • Te Puke Magazine and Newspaper
  • Te Puke Op Shop- Social Enterprise
  • Te Puke PTE mentioned below is in process, working alongside BMINZ.

Long Term Plan

  • Purpose built youth Creatives community centre.
  • Dedicated free Wi-Fi tower like in Tauranga in at least two locations
  • Te Puke Radio – youth and community led
  • Te Puke Tourism – Travel, Tours, Accommodation, value adding to TP EDG.
  • Te Puke Recording Studio, cultural, bands
  • Te Puke Trade show and intro, youth get exposed to trades not just academia, opportunity for signups, voluntary, cv building, experience.
  • Arts and culture workshops, events.
  • Te puke Health –
    • CACTUS in the Community – bootcamp
    • Health workshops
    • Pilates, yoga, open spaces public fun park exercise
    • Youth into gyms, boxing and fitness
    • Youth trained as PT
    • First aid and emergency response courses
    • Dance and creative arts studio
  • Te Puke PTE
    • Health and safety training
    • Forklift licensing
    • Agribusiness training
    • Marketing training and workshops
    • Business mentoring and training
    • Barista Training and workshops
    • Hair dressing training and workshops
    • Specific and Transferable Skills based workshops
    • Setting up youth in Business, entrepreneurial, social enterprise.
  • Te Puke Environmental
    • Support to environmental groups
    • Raising awareness, film, web, radio, magazine et al.
    • Electric bike hire
    • Water testing and training
    • Recycling zero waste workshops
    • Solar initiatives and workshops
    • Clean up NZ and additional “Te Puke” clean-up focus weeks
  • Jubilee Park extension
    • Multipurpose Professional Skate Bowl/Pool. Winter is skate bowl, half of summer is used as pool.
    • Multipurpose Outdoor skating rink/toddler pool – see Caroline Bay Park example, Timaru.
    • Small walk through rose garden with seating
    • Lock up stall shops, can be used as food outlets for events and/or fair activities
    • Power by skatepark security camera on top side for us to setup sound equipment
    • Movies in the Park, Outdoor cinema initiated by Te Puke Film
    • Festival and competitions-
      • Miss Te Puke Pageant
      • Bboy Comps, Cultural, Hip hop
      • Music in the Park
      • Other events and festival initiatives in collaboration with Epic, Toy library, Community Markets and other groups.



About Vector Group

Vision: A community where diversity is celebrated, and every person feels included. Mission: To create opportunities for healthy connections and self-expression. To support people who work with young people, and thereby enhance youth engagement and development and creatives so that young people thrive.